About ATI

ATI was formed in September 2004 as a high conviction boutique Australian value equities manager. The principals have extensive experience in the Australian funds management industry and have commensurate track records. ATI has combined the experience, knowledge and skills of its principals to develop a proprietary equity ranking system (“ERS”) that forms the foundation for the active management of Australian equity portfolios with a bottom-up stock picking approach. ATI has been appointed by Direct Portfolio Services Ltd to manage the value equity component of their respective registered schemes.

Investment Process & Strategy

The disciplined proprietary investment process developed by ATI utilises relative value to provide an ordinal ranking of the most attractive investments combined with a rigorous risk overlay to ensure adequate portfolio diversification and risk control. In building model portfolios, ATI uses the ERS as the basis for ranking the forecast returns and dividend yields of the “investment grade” universe of stocks available for portfolio inclusion. Portfolio’s can then be constructed and tailored to suit the client needs, usually determined by the level of risk (tracking error) and/or portfolio concentration appropriate.

Product Advantage

ATI sees its competitive advantage as being able to add value for clients by portfolio out- performance that arises from adding alpha. Given our disciplined investment process, in-built risk controls and dedicated client management systems, ATI can produce and manage portfolios to suit the specifications of individual clients. This could encompass changes with regard to levels of acceptable tracking error, portfolio concentration, specific risk and fund size profiles to complement other managers.