Simon Burge

Chief Investment Officer


Simon chairs the ATI Portfolio Committee and has responsibility for portfolio construction and risk overlay analysis. He has research responsibilities for the Financials sector.

Simon was a founding principal of ATI along with David and Tim and has had over 20 years experience in the funds management industry.

Simon brings a wealth of experience in the value investing style and portfolio construction that are integral to implementing the investment philosophy of ATI. Simon is heavily involved in stock selection, risk control procedures, portfolio construction, stock research, continual process improvement and daily portfolio management. Simon ensures ATI remains true to label in constructing portfolios that provide consistent returns based on ATI’s disciplined relative value investment style.

David Liu

Head of Research/ Portfolio Manager


David is a member of the ATI Portfolio Committee and has responsibility for stock research and ERS process integrity. He has research responsibilities for the Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Healthcare, and Industrials sectors.

Tim Phillips

Non-executive Chairman


Time Allocation (30% Research, 40% Portfolio Construction, 30% Operational) FINSIA Associate

Tim is a member of ATI’s Portfolio Committee. He has research sector responsibility for metals & mining stocks as well as input to the overall process development.

Tim is a founding principal of ATI along with Simon and David. Tim was extensively involved in the process development of the ATI ERS after a long working relationship with Simon. Formerly an investment director at Tyndall, Tim has over 40 years experience in the finance industry and is an integral member of ATI’s portfolio construction & review process. Tim brings an extensive background of experience to ATI at the Board level whilst also mentoring the process integrity of the ATI investment team & style.

Richard Kosmac

Portfolio Manager/ Dealer


(time allocation: 70% research, 30% implementation)

Richard is a member of the ATI Portfolio Committee. He has research responsibility for the Information Technology and Telecommunication Services sectors.

From 2001-2005 Richard worked as a portfolio manager/dealer at OneVue (formerly DirectPortfolio) and was responsible for the daily front office management and dealing of the SMA portfolios. Richard was also responsible for stock coverage of telco stocks and ran the in-house technical infrastructure and support systems.

From 2005 Richard became a member of the ATI investment team and remains responsible for ensuring the tax-effective implementation (dealing) of the investment decisions. He has worked with the ATI team since they began managing the OneVue mandates in December 2005. He also remains responsible for ATI’s infrastructure.

Chris Exall

Quantitative / Investment Analyst – Part time


Chris is a member of the ATI Portfolio Committee.

He has research responsibility for the Consumer Staples and Utilities sectors. Chris also has quant analysis responsibilities for the team.

Chris is an equity holder in ATI and has over 10 years financial markets experience in Australia and the UK. Between 2005 and 2008, Chris was a director of an Australian market-neutral hedge fund ('Saltbush Amalg Fund') with responsibilities including quantitative modelling, portfolio optimisation, system development and risk analysis. From 2002 to 2005 he was a quantitative analyst in equity research for ABN AMRO Australia where he was involved in quantitative analysis as well as the development and marketing of quantitative equity research for institutional clients. Prior to this, Chris spent 4 years in the UK working as a systems engineer in the operations divisions of Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley.